Dailey TiptonLinkedIn Profile

Dailey Tipton is a senior executive with a “Player & Coach” attitude, over 30 years of experience in businesses leadership and sales team development for Fortune 500 to start-up size companies, in diverse industries with direct impact to the bottom line. Throughout his career he has demonstrated a strong acumen for generating revenue growth and creation of new business opportunities. He spent many years in senior leadership positions with technology companies where sales are critical to reach corporate goals. Dailey is recognized for his ability to build businesses by taking new and innovative products to market that drive revenue for the company and customer’s benefit. He exhibits proven abilities and skills to enhance sales, revenue generation, impact business growth through sales leadership and execution, go-to-market strategy and outreach, C-Level customer relationships and sales operations execution. Most importantly, he leverages vast experience to define the systematic process to execute on corporate strategy by driving revenue for the organization as an operational strategy. He possesses strong qualifications in sales management, general management, business strategy execution and forecasting, sales team development and overall leadership. Main career focus has been to drive sales for the success of the company and customers, where he has been recognized as “top” sales person in many organizations. Dailey has held positions such as General Manager and Vice President of Sales where he successfully executed and grew a $130 Million-dollar P&L. He was the global leader for the SAP’s Center of Excellence for Energy and Sustainable Operations Application and has been involved in successful start-up as well and growing companies through his leadership and contributions. Dailey is a trained public speaker with experience in television production and many other media exposure. Dailey started his career as a Naval Flight Officer and is a Veteran of Foreign War with multiple recognitions including two Navy Achievement Medals. He holds two degrees in Engineering: MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University.